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eBox instore is a licensee of Siae, Scf, Soundreef

Thanks to its partners eBox in store can propose a radio instore that gives you the security to comply with all types of copyright law and avoid any problem at the legal level. All this with always new and updated contents!

It is a collecting society of copyright, that is an entity constituted by associates, which deals with the intermediation of copyright. The authors and publishers who hold the economic rights on their works can entrust the protection to SIAE that collects the sums due to the members and distributes them to each of them.


ebox is a Music Provider licensed by SIAE for in-store sound services, this allows us to provide a radio with constantly updated content, in compliance with copyright laws.

SCF is the consortium that manages in Italy the collection and distribution of fees, due to artists and record producers, for the public use of recorded music, as established by the European Union directives and by the law on copyright. SCF values the rights of individual differences in the international music market.


eBox is a Music Provider with SCF license. Thanks to this license the in-store sound services offer a radio with updated contents and at the same time in compliance with the law.

Soundreef ltd provides licenses to companies for the dissemination and use of music in shops and live events. In addition to providing licenses for use of music, Soundreef ltd collects and distributes royalties on behalf of authors, publishers, record labels and artists, providing an alternative to copyright collecting societies


Ebox is a Music Service Provider licensee of Soundreef ltd. The dissemination and use of music in shops and live events take place in compliance with all copyright laws, avoiding legal problems.


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